20 April 2006

Funny recruitement ad

We were writing a recruitement ad yesterday and were thinking about the kind of skills and experience we wanted for 2 senior developers.

My colleague showed my the web site of a guy presenting himself as Erlang code. This was really funny and I had the idea of writing acceptance tests for the ad!

It went like that:

public class CandidateAcceptanceTest extends TestCase{
Developer candidate;
public void setUp(){
candidate = new Developer();

public void testTechnicalSkills(){

public void testMethodologySkills(){
..... and so on

We were even arguing about how writing the acceptance tests that would best describe the "optional" skills: the ones that were desired but not mandatory.

The result was indeed quite interesting because I thought: the guy (or gal) that will read this ad, understand it and like it should be on the right track for the job!

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