10 November 2005

I am definetly a geek,...

Although I may not admit it in all circumstances, I seem to be quite a geek. I passed the nerd test today and got a "Migthy Nerd" score (or something like that, this means that 6% of the population is nerdier than I am).

Yet, I don't think I really qualify for much of geek knowledge. I know too little about computer internal (how to boost your cpu) or network (how to setup a virtual lan) or even Linux (this is a shame, I know). On the other hand, I know I would love to. It is just a matter of available time in a single day.

Anyway, one other clear sign that I am definetly a geek is that I just ordered one of the only DVDs about programming. Joel Spolsky has practically finished the editing of the movie of the Aardvark project. I have seen the trailer and I think this is gonna be a real inspiring movie for me to watch. Besides I really think that Joel's theory about how fundamentally running a software business is really appealing and I am really interested in seeing this in practise.

Welcome to geekland!

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