23 September 2005

Training that counts

We had today a java training with Dr. Heinz Kabutz.

There would be many thing to say about this, but let's just summarize a few.First of all, Heinz is a really, really fine person that made mediscover more about South Africa that I ever knew of. On top of that, my first impression that I was asking for one of the top javaprofessionals around the world was really confirmed.

Then the training in itself went largelly beyond my hopes:
  • Heinz spotted a potential problem in our GUI code that, in fact just had been observed, and had bewildered us. We now think we now why and how thiskind of bug happens.
  • I told about Heinz about how I wanted to set-up a cache for some objectsof our business model. He came, in ten minutes (all developers were totally amazed around the table!) with a really elegant and generic solution ( He would now say "general" solution, since Java5 has messed up his previous vocabulary)
  • We had very nice tips and explanations about garbage collecting, exception handling, etc, etc,...
  • No training is ever enough without hard work afterwards to experience it practically; however much hard work will be avoided and re-thought with this top-class training.

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