27 July 2013

Endorsing the move on to Java 6

This is a short public announcement to say that, as the maintainer of an open-source project, I support the move to Java 6 this year. I encourage other OSS projects, especially in the Scala ecosystem, to support this move as well.


Jim O'Flaherty said...

Huh? I don't get it. Why not push to move to Java 1.7?

Eric said...

Why not but at least, that's a first step.

Dylan Just said...

Commercial projects, too!

At Ephox, we moved EditLive to Java 6 this year.

As for "why not push to Java 7". Well, in our experience, Java 7 still has a bunch of issues not ironed out. Particularly in Swing and AWT. Java 6 seems to work better... for now. 7 is getting pretty close, though.

Jim O'Flaherty said...


Got it. You mean, at a minimum, Java 1.6 and no lower. :)

I can totally agree with that. :)